A chinese proverb says “Don’t listen to what they say, go see” and thats exactly what our next storyteller has done. Aakash singh who is also known as Red FM’s Mawaali Bhai, started out by interning at various Radio stations and eventually decided to do what he loves, the environment and the work both attracted him. He believed that it was “the right place at the right time” accident, but today he is a usual on Red FM 93.5 with a mixture of both luck and talent.

Due to his love for travelling we asked him about his favourite places to travel:-

  1. Kashmir
  2. Kodaikanal
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Hampi

Kashmir was one of his favourite places to visit. It was a 9 day trek with only 2 RV post. There was no specific intense training that he did but one has to be fit in order to complete the trek otherwise it would be difficult on the body. 

 He gave the following tips on how to prepare for a trek:-

  1. Train for one month 
  2. Start with walking for 3-4 kilometres
  3. Then run for 3-4 kilometres
  4. Climb flights of stairs
  5. Finally add weights in a bag and try doing the activities along with the bag

Even though descending the mountains was hard especially on his knees he completed this journey successfully.This 110 kilometre trek helped in realising his potential hence instilling confidence, learning and experiencing new things and lastly as the intensity increased it taught him self- belief.

Culture is an important part of travel, hence it is important to visit places try regional cuisines and meet people and learn about them.  While in kashmir, being a foodie, Aakash had a Kashmiri dish called Wazwaan in the house of a kashmiri resident. It consisted of 7-8 different types of meat and was a very heavy dish. Dal lake was another place visited by him while in kashmir

Mesmerised by the South he also suggested that one should travel to kodaikanal. The rainforest he visited had trees full  of passion fruit and avocado.This place is 20 kilometres away from the main city and is a very secluded area. Another thing he was on a hunt for was Mushrooms. Finally , found it in the water canal.

His experience with the mushrooms was very exciting. They have very strict checking at the airport before entering the water canal. The local guide helped in finding mushrooms, taking him deeper into the forest. Finally he stopped in the middle of nowhere and showed him how to pick mushrooms , fresh ones, duplicate ones by their colour with the help of sign language since neither knew each others language. He was then told to go down a path in order to avoid the checking and luckily the path stopped right in front of his hotel.

3 things that he’s learnt from his trips:-

  1. Pre plan
  2. Buy your tickets early
  3. Join a Trekking Group so that it will be economical 

Travel has taught him alot. He owes his two awards to his travel experiences which helps him to keep an open mind to newer ideas. Thinking fresh , creativity and new ideas are things he’s picked up while travelling and therefore balancing the act is an important part of his career.

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