The earth is provided with a bounty full of nature and wildlife, learning to appreciate it is a step in the right direction. In the 11th episode of balancing the act we have Dhaval Doshi whose adventures in Ranthambore park teach him this life lesson. He is a marketing professional and an entrepreneur leader, also being a teacher of leadership and marketing in various schools. Currently, he heads the digital marketing at Golds Gym.

His education has played an important role in the vocations he has taken. He has done his MBA from an American university, has a BMS degree as well as a diploma in cyber law. He still feels a person has yet to achieve his full potential.  Therefore working at Golds Gym gives him a new insight on his field of work and teaches him to keep learning. The sweetest memory of being an entrepreneur according to him is the freedom he receives, all he needs is his tablet and he is good to go. He can view his graphics and attend calls as well. 

His favorite memories of travel have been in the desert city of Rajasthan. In addition to the rich food and culture, his trip to Jaisalmar and Ranthambore have been his fondest memories. Travelling to Jaisalmar, in the middle of the desert was a magnificent view. In addition to it, celebrating his anniversary with his wife along with firecrackers and cake from the neighboring town made it special. The local traditional Rajasthani food added to his delight. 

Ranthambore was a different experience from anything he had ever imagined. He travelled to various places such as San Francisco and Singapore to visit the zoo but this was meeting the animals in their natural habitat. Considering ourself higher on the food chain we often neglect the beauty of this wildlife. During this trip he learns to embrace this beauty and respect the animals.

If one spots an animal in the jeep, it turns into a rat race to view the animal, but the view of the bear cub  or majestic elephant changes the view of a person. He then decided after being a father, he would rather show his daughter the animals in their habitat than locked up in a zoo. He feels family vacations are important as they make a person flexible and teach them to get out of their comfort zone. 

Advice that he would like to give to a person as an entrepreneur . He talks about non digital fields such as a bank relationship manager who has the experience but needs to get out of his old ways. A person in the field of digital marketing such as linked in and facebook have a larger reach. These people can always use tools such as youtube to learn and become more accomplished and learn new skills which can help them in the future.

There is a lot more advice he can give to you. One can contact him on his Instagram handle  @followdhaval .All these once in a lifetime experiences are why Rajasthan will never lose its charm. The desert city, the ethnic food, the culture, the dance all these make Rajasthan special and memorable. This experience makes us fall more in love with Rajasthan. This is how one can gain the freedom and balance the act between work and travel.

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