Short lines can have life changing meanings if one looks deeper within. In the tenth episode of balancing the act we have Unni Nambair who is attracted to this thought of writing. Hence he not only is a copywriter but also a biker and a techno music enthusiast. He believes that a long ride away from his routine would help him experience new things. He just takes his Bike which is a Ktm 200 and set off on an adventure. In this episode we will venture into one such experience.

This episode is a journey from Mumbai to Goa. Another memorable trip he mentioned was Kerela . Enjoyed every small experience from the techno music he heard to the bike ride making this trip very memorable. According to him solo trips make you love yourself more because you learn self love.   Making sure you have an emergency contact number, finding various pit stops and using a first aid kit along with precautionary measures is learnt on a solo trip. 

While discussing the frustrations of the pandemic he came up with the brilliant idea of a workation and since Goa was permitting tourist he thought that Goa is the perfect place for a workation.  They had a budget and decided to book a Portuguese style villa called Marbella guest house.  A work day comprised of eggs and bacon, fried kalamaris with the rice for lunch and chilled beer in the evening followed by a walk to unwind. Work with just the right environment set pace for more productivity.

They had a tight budget of 30k per month and managed both stay and meals with it. Due to the pandemic the prices were lesser but if one knows people they can get a fair deal on places.  They first wanted to go to Manali or Himachal as it would be less crowded but they found goa to be the perfect place. Now that villas, shacks and hotels have slowly opened up and restrictions have lessened one can plan a workation there next. 

The quarantine has taught us all life lessons and independence is the one Unni learnt. This pandemic showed him that he doesn’t have to be dependent on others. He has learnt how to be self-sufficient without the factor of dependency. This is how Unni teaches us not to just Balance the act but also to accomplish your work while you enjoy the luxury of travel.

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