How to plan a solo motorcycle trip

Plan your destination

The first and foremost thing to plan while going on a trip is to decide a destination and figure out the route which you would like to take. Mapping it out is a good way to decide the route. Locals might also guide you to “Secret passages” which help you discover new ways. One must also find suitable pit stops along the way. Being acquainted with places as to where service centers are located are also essential. 

 Packing essentials

One must make sure to pack light when it comes to a motorcycle ride but also make sure to pack all the essentials such as enough food and water to stay hydrated and energetic for the travel. Packing the right gear is another important aspect of travel. Packing gear such as snow gear if one is travelling to snowy areas, carrying a rain suit is a must as it  helps to block cold wind. Being prepared for any weather is a must.


One must decide how long one can ride on a daily basis. The area covered can be long or short depending on comfort. Predict the amount of miles one can cover before it is dark since riding in the dark can be risky. Even if one wants to ride when dark, one must have great vision and take caution.

Stay motivated

Trips can get long and boring after a point. One can try various things such as listening to music just like Ummi did. Creating a travel music playlist helps as well. One must always keep their spirits high and enjoy small moments on the trip as it keeps your spirit high. 

Proceed with caution

One must always be cautious while going on a solo trip. Carry an emergency number where one can contact a close friend or relative as a safety precaution. One must frequently check up by calling home to keep your loved ones informed. Getting an insurance as a safety measure is another good way to be cautious.

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