Photography is “Taking an image, freezing a moment, and revealing how rich reality truly is.” In the first episode of Balancing the Act, we have Rishab Tripathi who works in a software based firm on the weekdays and is a featured photographer on the weekend. he loves to travel a lot and loves to take different types of photographs, especially landscapes which rejuvenates him. He’s originally from Orissa but currently works at Kerala .This article is  about his experience as a nature photographer and we sure do have a lot to learn. 

Initially, for him it started as a small scale project and he eventually started getting featured on small sites. In the course of time, he started posting one picture a day and improved the quality of the picture i.e, focused on the framing composition and did minimal amounts of editing. Eventually he started getting recognition from the top sites. This recognition serves his purpose of making people aware of the natural beauty of remote locations such as remote villages and forests.

When we asked him if he prefers solo travel  or travelling with friends, he said he loves to travel solo as he loves the freedom of doing what he likes and when he likes it. He can visit different places and explore more if he travels solo. he says travelling solo and travelling with friends are both different experiences and suggests that one should undergo both experiences in their life. 

As he has had many such experiences in Orissa,his native place, we asked him to suggest a few places where one can go to click photographs as a beginner . He suggested the following :-

  1. Puri
  2. Kapilash Temple 
  3. Kornak temple and beaches.

His advice is that one should try to click pictures of tourist localities before one ventures to uncharted waters.

He also says that travelling gave him a sense of responsibility. Formerly he stayed with his parents. Once he got a job and started travelling solo he started gaining a sense of responsibility and now he’s independent in every way. He says he owes a lot of that to the travel experience that he’s had. The most important part according to Mr Rishab Tripathi  is that he prefers to click photographs at sunrise or sunset, the so called “golden hours” to get the perfect wide angled shot picture and hence, plans his trip accordingly.

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