Daydreaming about food from Bombay to Goa

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” is a famous quote . In the third episode, Yashodara is a solo traveller also working as a publicist in Bombay. She’s gotten the best of both the worlds, Bombay and Goa. Starting her travels first with family and eventually started her solo travels. The cities travelled connects with her through culture such as art  the vibe and the discovery of various heritage sites.

Both the places have a rich culture and heritage:

  1. Bombay’s culture and history
  2. Goa’s culture and history

While asking her about the places she likes to visit while in bombay she spoke about various places being the avid traveller she is. First, the Waroda Road which connected to her throughout the graffiti, the colours and the filmy artwork portrayed through the area making it a canvas. Secondly, loves South Bombay due to the belief of having a million stories attached to it, whether the old heritage sites or the old crumbling buildings . There are various places to visit in bombay. 

Khetwadi is an area in Girgaon near Chowpatty beach and Grant Road. This lane is an area for nostalgia with the chapel and the old buildings which can send you down memory lane. Not visiting beaches can be hard once you’re habituated, she prefers the seaside so she visits the Worli Seaface, Nariman point or just evening strolls at bandstand in Bandra.

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From Bombay we now travel to Goa with its exquisite beaches and impeccable culture. a few beaches to explore while in goa are Mandrem Beach which is known for its retreats and spas and is a relatively quiet beach on Goa; there’s also Cola beach which has the ocean with a spectacular view and its speciality , “the Blue Lagoon” ; Shikeri beach is another beach in goa which stands out due to its fort view; ;Lastly she spoke about  Vagator beach where she often went while growing up, occupied by only cows and fishermen, in today’s day and age there are people, shacks and a flee market by the Germans on Saturdays. There are various other places to visit in Goa.

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Travel is meant for all and hence as ladies we should be more cautious. A few tips on how to exercise caution while solo travelling is as follows:-

  1. Focus on the simple things and small details
  2. Make sure you have researched your hotel or hostel cautiously 
  3. Make sure you have all the right details
  4. Give your close family and friends the hotel number in order to ensure your safety.

Goa is famous for throwing major parties and raves but one should only go with trusted people like close friends or like-minded people at your hostel and not strangers you just met. One can also take a scooter on rent and travel all across Goa.

After all the travelling she feels like she has changed as a person. Being a planner she spent most of her time making a itinerary which includes places to visit, eat and travel to, but travelling gave her the quality of spontaneity. She believes everything doesn’t go the way you plan it and it is important to switch it up by being spontaneous along with caution. Travelling also gives one the confidence to believe that you can do and survive anything no matter how hard things get.

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