Bagpacker Me started as an idea during a solo journey in 2015. A 20-year-old Kevin Harding decided to pack his bags and go on a trip with his friends. Unaware that this weekend’s getaway trip will become his passion and a career later.

He found peace in different sub-cultures, people, food, and the road. The world started to feel like home. He believes that people don’t take trips, but trips take people.


BagpackerMe is on a mission to create a community of travellers from different walks of life. Whether you have travelled 50 places in a year, 10, or just getting started – BagpackerMe is there for you.

We share stories, lessons, and experiences accumulated through travelling.

Happy to feature the diversity of any city, state, or country on the blog and social media.

Photos, Videos, and Texts are welcome.

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our Services

Pack your bags and let’s go on a journey

Weekend Getaways

Forget your office stress and get on the weekend getaways with interesting & amazing people.

Camping & Trekking

Fill up your soul with adventurous camping and trekking trips. Nature is calling you!

Backpacking Trips

Pack your bags to go on the most memorable backpacking trips with your friends.

Sight Seeing

Sightseeing trips that will heal all your stress. Take time to look within and find answers.

Work From Anywhere

Why should it be “Work from home” when you can “Work from anywhere” in the abode of nature.

Live With Locals

Experience the authentic experience of living with the locals. Share beautiful experiences with each other.